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June 2017 Newsletter

Another year is flying by. Next winters fodder has been gathered in beautiful sunshine and so the barn has that lovely smell of newly made hay.

All the crops are looking well. Sunshine is the key arbiter of a good crop and this years levels of June sunshine will give us good quality. The grey June of last year hit barley yields, especially, and produced crops of low bushel weight  the measure of how much weight of crop is in a given volume.So, instead of filling a 30T corn wagon with 20 full buckets of the loading shovel, it might take up to 24.

We persevere with our attempts to establish wild flower meadows on our stewardship land and around High Barn  easier said than done considering the weeds are sprayed off, the land is cultivated, then drilled, then rolled&..then you wait&&and what grows&&more weeds! Actually, the wild flower meadow at High Barn shows improvement every year and is certainly appreciated by the bees and butterflies attracted to the pollen. Our resident Barn Owls like it too for hunting. They have reared another brood of chicks this year  three in all . These babies are now the size of their parents and are busy practising flying in the confined space of the owl box. Not long now before theyll be off.

We have had additional success on the chicken front, hatching some chicks from eggs we put in an incubator and buying in a few more little ones to add to the existing group. This means we now have 12 little chicks of various colours and breeds, which at the moment look very cute and apparently need to be handled often if you are wanting tame chickens  this is where the Grandkids will come in useful.

Our programme of improvements trundles on. This year we have replaced the kitchen in The Old Dairy and renewed the shower room in The Turnip House. Some fitted furniture also went into the Old Dairy bedroom to try and make better use of limited space.

The old Garden Cottage, which has been out of use for 3 years now, is being reincarnated as a very generous, top end, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom cottage with a ground floor bedroom. The cottage will be graded M2 for mobility and boast a garden room that looks out over the Field House garden plus a private patio with garden access.

When finished, by Xmas we hope, the cottage is going to be renamed The Apple Store, as this was one of the primary uses of part of the area taken up by the new development.

Future plans include the removal of the pole barn outside of the Turnip House and the Byre with a view to giving Turnip House a view up towards the fields and creating more private outdoor space for Turnip House, The Byre and Hinds.

Then we move on to an indoor hub featuring all the relevant tourist information together with an indoor play area. This will be somewhere for a wet day or, equally, somewhere where the kids can play whilst Mum and Dad check out whats happening round about.

You know the old chestnut about painting the Forth Road Bridge&&&&..

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